Key Attractions In Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery is a riveting place of vibrant attractions, historic purpose, and a warm-hearted community. It’s also one of the more appealing places to visit for those who want to make the most of their time in Alabama.

Here are some of the finest attractions in all of Montgomery.

1) The Alabama Capitol Building

It starts with the all-encompassing Alabama Capitol Building, which has earned acclaim for its historic value in the heart of Alabama. It is quite the place and has an amazing presence that needs to be on your itinerary.

2) Civil Rights Memorial Center

Do you want to get a feel for the civil rights movement in America and Alabama? You are going to want to head over to the magical Civil Rights Memorial Center because it truly provides an essence of what the battle has meant to those who went through it on a daily basis.

3) Montgomery Zoo

A zoo is never a bad place to visit and this is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones in all of Alabama. It has won the hearts of one and all in this beautiful state. It has a wonderful array of species that can be a beautiful sight to look at as you go from place to place.

4) Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

The arts culture in Alabama is rich and unique making it an extension of what the community stands for. This is why the museum is such a fascinating place to visit and is going to offer access to some of the finest pieces in the state.

With these attractions in Montogomery, you are going to be able to get a proper feel of what it means to reside in this breathtaking setting. It is a vibrant, welcoming area with so much to offer!